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Massage / Spa Lomi


Sacred Temple Lomi

A healing and sacred massage

Lomi, in the Hawaiian and Samoan language means "to knead, to rub, or soothe; to work in and out". "To take and turn or to shift"


What is Sacred Lomi?

It is a beautiful form of Hawaiian Temple body work developed by Tom Cochran and Donna Jason. 

This sacred art form is also known as Sacred Temple, Hawaiian Temple or Kahuna Bodywork. This style combines breath, prayer, long forearm runs, using figure eights and circle strokes, along with presence and aloha.  This ancient healing art is used to transform and deepen the awareness beyond our physical knowing.  It is taught that everyone is a sacred divine being.  While holding presence and sacred space for the client, without judgement and combining the techniques, the client can drop into their authentic self.  Their soul self. 

This sacred touch, providing unconditional love and healing, is bound to create Heaven on Earth. A sacred and safe space is provided using minimal sheet coverage. ****This is NOT a sexual or sensual massage*****.


2 hour Session is 90min hands on with 15 min intake and 15 min post massage recovery.  $325

90 min Session is 1 hour hands on with 15 min intake and 15 min post massage recovery . $250

*The client is asked to set an intention for the work they will receive

*shave any areas that are currently being shaved

*eat a light meal 1-2 hours before


*take the rest of the day off for integration and self-care

Kimberly has been a student of Tom and Donna since 2009. For the last few years she has been facilitating workshops, throughout the West Coast, and approved to offer Continuing Education Units through NCBTMB for Sacred Lomi.

Please call Sukha at 206-429-2782 to schedule a Sacred Temple Lomi massage. 

****You MUST speak with Kim before scheduling a Lomi Lomi massage.  Due to Covid some of the practices have been changed and communication is necessary before she will schedule. 


Sukha Spa Lomi is the same treatment minus the breath and prayer while using the Standard sheeting practices

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