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Tentative June 1st Reopening and New Protocols for Appointments During Covid-19


Please be advised that the tentative June 1st date is based on the Governors roll out date of phase 2 implementation.  Please read through this carefully to be prepared for your upcoming massage appointment. 


Client Protocol

These are the questions you will be asked upon arrival and will need to initial that you have NOT had any of the following.  If your answer is, yes to any of these questions, please reschedule your appointment. 

  1. Have you had a fever in the last 14 days? (we will be taking your temperature upon arrival as well)

  2. Have you had a cough or sore throat within the last 14 days?

  3. Do you have a runny nose?

  4. Have you been in contact or believe you have been in contact with someone who has or may have covid-19?

  5. Have you traveled out of the area? (state or country in the last 2 weeks)

Pre-arrival Instructions

  1. ***** New clients must have paperwork filled out before arrival *****

  2. Come clean and showered.

  3. Bring your own water bottle. We have water here but to help keep things sanitary please bring your own and preferably FULL.

  4. Must wear a mask (WSMTA also recommends that each patient/client wear a face mask through the entire session and wear eye protection when they are seated or lying supine or sideline on the massage table)

  5. Wait in your car until we indicate it’s time for you to come in.

  6. Bring 2 plastic bags (Ziploc or some sort that can be sealed) One is for your shoes before entering Sukha and the other is for your clothes while in session.

  7. Please Practice Social Distancing.

  8. Clean your hands upon arrival and leaving the massage room.

  9. For efficiency and environmentally friendly reasons BLANKETS during your session will be provided and available **** ONLY UPON REQUEST****.

  10. Please think about extending your massages to 90 min. or more. Due to the increase in sanitation protocols it would be better to maintain a fewer client base and lesson the exposure to the space. Plus, we might have not seen you in a while and you might need the extra time.

  11. To do our part in social distancing and time management we ask that you pay through an app via Venmo, Zelle, Apple Pay or PayPal. We also might have your credit card on file and can charge you through the system. Cash is always acceptable too.

Business Protocols

Due to the increase of sanitation protocol we are allowing ourselves 25 minutes in-between clients.  Therefore, our client daily appointments will be decreasing.  We will also be checking in with ourselves for any symptoms. 

  1. Wearing Masks and Eye protection.

  2. Changing clothes and gear between clients.

  3. Cleaning all surfaces and door handles in-between clients.

  4. Laundry is done efficiently and processed ASAP.

  5. Provide AIR Quality system within massage rooms.

  6. Plants added to massage rooms to increase air quality.

  7. Hand sanitizer in all rooms.

  8. Temperature in the massage rooms increased to provide comfort.

  9. Massage tables have a heating pad and are covered by a spa drape that is non porous (already a protocol).

We hope that you've been enjoying the spring weather!   We are looking forward to getting back together with you and turning the OPEN sign on again.  Much love to you and yours.  We hope you are well and safe.  Big LOVE, KK


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