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Seasons Greetings

Happy Fall Season, It's been a long while since our last Newsletter. Honestly, we are just so grateful to be here with you all after the last few years. September marked Sukha's 11th Anniversary and we are so honored to be able to serve our community and keep living our gifts everyday.

Kim has had many transitions in the last couple of years - one of them being that Alyssa moved out, has now graduated from SU, and will be applying to Medical School Spring of 2023! Kim has just celebrated her 17th year as a Licensed Massage Therapist and 10th year as a Yoga Teacher. She has been traveling the last year, once every few weeks, teaching Sacred Temple Lomi Massage along the West Coast. She's also spent the last couple of years taking courses to deepen her spiritual practice, painting (her work is on the walls of Sukha!) and finding a new way of living as an empty nester.

Amber has celebrated her 19th year as a Licensed Massage Therapist and is enjoying her garden and personal life. She's been a busy bee working her craft and shifted her schedule to 3 days a week to honor her family time and much needed rest.

What's new at Sukha? We would like to welcome Andrea Berry to our team. She is working a few days a week offering services of Ancestral Medicine/Shamanic practices. These services include: Chord Cuttings, Soul Retrievals, House Blessings and so much more- including classes on making Medicine Drums and Rattles!! She's been deeply rooted into her craft for 13 years. We are so honored to have one of the 1st people who supported Sukha's beginning years as our Administrator and assistant to now have her building her practice and helping serve the community with her gifts. We deeply love her and are so honored to have her here in the community. You can read more about her and her offerings here:

See below for her special offering for the Holiday Season

Yoga News

Yoga has been offered through zoom the last few years and will be transitioning back into the studio soon with a couple of nightly classes a week. We are a small studio and are now feeling more comfortable opening up the yoga space to a limited amount of people, but registration will be a requirement going forward with no drop-in offerings. Kim is looking at her calendar to see if she can offer a Beginners workshop soon, so stay tuned.

Massage News

Sukha has survived the pandemic due to our quality of service and commitment to education in our craft, as well as our longstanding commitment to our community. We still require masks as the mandate from the Dept of Health has not been lifted for healthcare providers in the state of Washington. Licensed Massage Therapists fall under this umbrella. We will continue to abide by the guidelines and will let you know when we've changed our policy. In addition, we've been holding off on a price increase as long as we could. Our last increase was before the pandemic hit and now with inflation, a lease increase, and rising cost of living, we can't hold off any longer. As of Dec 1st, there will be a price increase of our services. We thank you so much for all of your support these last few years. We appreciate you! Love and Gratitude, Sukha

For more information about Andreas offering here is the link:



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