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Desert Cactus Landscape

Ancestral Medicine

with Andrea Berry


About Me

My name is Andrea Leigh Rubalcaba-Berry.  I am a queer person of mixed heritage.  I am the daughter of a faithful woman of Mexican/Yaqui lineage and a vibrant man of Scottish and English descent.  I am a toolmaker, artist, heart-centered soul care provider and regular person. It is my dream and purpose to reclaim and celebrate the healing traditions of my Indigenous ancestors.

My journey has been one of questioning and de-programming the effects of colonial systems as I learn the stories of my family, and strive to manifest their dreams as part of a legacy of medicine people that extends back before this land was known as America. To me, this land is Mexica, Aztlan, Turtle Island, and it is to her that I am devoted.

The intention I carry while doing this work is to support people who are actively working to recover from and/or are now ready to face the truth of our shared history.  I assist in their process of investigating and healing the trauma of colonization through the ancient technology of ceremony and shamanic modalities.  Decolonization.  Indingenization.  Even if you do not view the world the same as I do, if you are in need of healing, I am elated and honored to work with you.  

To everyone:  Your healed self is needed to help dismantle, re-vision, re-member and re-create a world that is just, reconciled, and truly reflective of a humanity embodied with love.  I hold a space of loving non-judgment and compassion for you to do this work.

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